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Antonio Desiderio was born in Rome. He studied piano and started working very young as accompanying pianist at major professional dance centres, perfecting then obtains certificates on Academic Techniques at the Academy National Dance of Rome, Music in Relation to Dance and History and Styles of Dance at the Royal Academy of Dance. Simultaneously with the piano activity, he enrolls at the Tor Vergata University of Rome where he graduated in Law with a thesis experimental on the public aspects of the reform of opera companies, then obtaining a Master in artistic-musical management at the CEIDA in Rome with full marks and the Trinity College London certification in English and Business English. Since 2004 it carries out the activity of international artistic representation for the dance and opera sector opera, coordinator and organizer of dance gala and singing masterclasses in the major ones European and non-European capitals and guest lecturer at the University of Santander (Spain), New York (USA), Carlo Bo of Urbino (Italy).

Since 2009 he has been the European referent for the Miami International Ballet Festival (Florida).
Since 2017 he is Artistic Director of Prix of Excellence of Dance and from 2019 Co-director of the World Dance Award. In 2019 it has made a tour of over 20 shows in major cities of China with the ballet “Swan Lake”with choreography by Maria Grazia Garofoli.
He was appointed Artistic Director of the television program “Xmas Talets” broadcast on Gold Tv, won the GD Award as Best Manager for Dance 2012, Capri Award 2017, Anfiteatro d’Oro Award 2019, Mab Award X Edition, City of Grosseto and held the position of Artistic Consultant for the Dance sector in the Theater of Erfurt (Germany)

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