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claudio munoz | Dance Open America



Claudio Muñoz joined Houston Ballet’s Academy in 1999. Mr. Muñoz worked with many choreographers, including John Cranko, George Balanchine, Ben Stevenson, Ronald Hynd, and Vicente Nebrada. During his career as a dancer, he filled principal roles in Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, and New York. In 1989 he founded the Chamber Ballet of Santiago. Mr. Muñoz has taught in Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, and the United States. He has taught in all Latin America, Asia and Australia.  He also worked as an instructor for the Ballet Nacional de Chile, Ballet de Santiago, and Ballet Nacional de Peru. Mr. Munoz has won several medals in international competitions and first place at the Prix de Lausanne (2010). In 1996, Mr. Muñoz was awarded “Best Teacher” at the Interdance Competition. Mr. Muñoz has staged a ballet for Ben Stevenson at Florida Ballet, and Stanton Welch’s work at Cincinnati Ballet and Tulsa Ballet. Mr. Muñoz also coaches Houston Ballet II students for the Prix de Lausanne and Beijing International Ballet Competition. In 2007 and 2011, he served as judge for the Youth America Grand Prix around the world. In 2016 he received the Dance Teacher Award by Dance Teacher Magazine.  Mr. Muñoz feels honored to work at Houston Ballet for 20 years.

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